• K&R Heating and Air Conditioning Service can handle any and all refrigeration requests you may have. All of our technicians are experienced and highly skilled and are able to address both home and commercial manufacturing needs. We’ve been in business over a decade, and that means we are experts at servicing all makes and models, just ask!

    Our team is very proud of our extensive custom design capabilities. We can design and install walk-in coolers and freezers to your exact specification. Additionally, we offer a wide array of other refrigeration options.

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  • Ice Machines

    Reliable ice machines are invaluable in the home and can be essential in commercial settings. K&R Heating and Air Conditioning Service has extensive experience with all makes and models of ice machines and can provide you with top notch service. We have an array of both new and used ice machines to select from and will work with you to meet your specific needs.

  • Reach-In Beverage Coolers

    K&R Heating and Air Conditioning Service offers solid door as well as glass door reach- in beverage coolers and refrigerators. We are happy to offer fully self-contained beverage display coolers and remote refrigeration system.

  • Walk-In Freezers

    Restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens alike all need to have walk-in freezers installed and maintained. At K&R Heating and Air Conditioning Service, we have a full range of cooling options designed to help you preserve large quantities of food. Our experienced team only uses the very best parts and equipment so that you have the greatest reliability possible.

  • Parallel Rack System/Distribution System

    A parallel rack system/distribution system uses multiple compressors piped in parallel. This clever approach allows for a greater capacity control when compared to a single compressor unit. Parallel system/distribution system can be located in back rooms and even on rooftops thus saving valuable central space. All that is needed is for a parallel system/distribution system to be located near the refrigeration unit. Additionally, this approach allows for considerable cost savings compressor system.

  • Servicing and Repairing all Makes and Models

    At K&R Heating and Air Conditioning Service, we are dedicated to providing you with the very best. As a result, we not only have emergency 24/7 service, but also stock a very wide array of parts, supplies and replacement options. From gaskets and pumps to motors, controls, thermostats, parts and more, we are here to provide you with expert service whenever you need it. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about all the ways that K&R Heating and Air Conditioning Service can assist you. We’ll be happy to provide you with an assessment and estimate.

  • We can provide:

    • Walk-in freezers
    • Chest freezers
    • Reach-in freezers
    • Glass door merchandisers
    • And other helpful options.
    • Ice machines
    • Market refrigeration equipment
    • Beverage display cases
    • Deli and bakery display cases
    • Reach-ins
    • Ice cream display cases
    • Display cases
    • Flower boxes
    • And much more!
  • Contact us today or to learn more about our industry leading options.


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